How to Choose the Color of Your Prom Dress

OK, so you’re off to prom soon and busily searching for beautiful and unique 2015 prom dresses!

But how do I know that kind of color suits me? This is a good question, and from the many thousands of 2015 prom dresses that you could choose from you’ll have a heck of a task to find the right color if you’ve had no kind of guidance. The following tips will guide you through the prom dress color selection.


Ladies have varying skin complications. As such, different colors will suit different girls. The secret lies in knowing your undertone and what suits it best. Yellow undertones should keep off champagne and pale yellow colors and choose other different colors while those with rosy or pink undertones need to select cooler colors such as purples and blues. In case you a have bright red or peach undertone, then warm colors will work best for you. A simple method of telling your skin undertone is to simply pinch the hand back for a few seconds and then check the color. When you know your exact undertone, you will find it easier to make a selection between the dress colors.

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The color of your prom dress plays a major role in flattering your eye color. To highlight the blue in your eyes you should wear an outfit that has a shade of blue. To make the lighter flecks in your eyes to stand out, you should wear an outfit that has a lighter blue color. Other than blue, you should also consider wearing an outfit that has shades of pink. The good side with pink is that it contrasts your eyes thus making your eyes pop out more. If you have green eyes you are on the lucky side as you can wear dresses of different colors and still look very elegant. While you can wear outfits of different colors, there are some colors that are great for you.


There is nothing worse than a dress that gives no justice to your hair color. This is because people will end up seeing one thing and completely ignoring the other. The rich color of your dress should match the rich color of your hair, whether it is dark brown or deep black. The fact that your hair and dress are the same tone or shade, i.e. dark, will encourage the eye to perceive your silhouette as elongated and sleek. For example, let’s say your favorite color is blue and you have dark brown hair. You can wear any shade of blue, as long as it no darker than your hair and no lighter than a medium shade of blue. If your hair is light, wear light colors that are no lighter than your hair and no darker than a medium shade of the color you chose. Let’s say your favorite color is pink. If you choose a prom dress in your favorite color, make sure it is no darker than a medium shade of pink and no lighter than your hair. Finally, if your hair color is somewhere in between dark and light, you can wear any of medium tone colors; colors that are neither light nor dark.

When you choose your dress to include your hair tone, you will automatically look taller and more slender and definitely more elegant.


It does not matter what is the color of your hair or eyes, if you are fair or dark-skinned, you will surely be able to find a color that suits you and matches well with your look.

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